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November 2022

The Power that Flows Through Us, by Matt Galloway [Tue, 1 November 2022]

  • The Power that Flows Through Us, by Matt Galloway -

The Central Otago District Arts Trust have been working with Matthew Galloway to bring a public art project examining the political, social and environmental legacy of the Clyde Dam will be coming to Central Otago in late November 2022.

The Power that Flows Through Us, by Dunedin based artist Matthew Galloway will be installed in multiple locations across the district and will employ drone footage, sculpture, political cartoons and a newspaper publication to examine the socio-political context of Robert Muldoon’s Think Big initiative, with a specific focus on the legacy and impact of the Clyde Dam. With contributions from Brian Turner, Tina Ngata, and interviews with Edward Ellison, Kevin Jackson, Neil Gillispie and Duncan Faulkner, The Power that Flows Through Us updates and continues discussions around the legacy of Think Big; asking us to wade into the grey area between what is lost, and what is gained. Keep an eye out on the Central Otago Arts Facebook page for updates on this.