Exploring Creativity

Jewellery Workshops - Old Cromwell [Les Riddell]

  • Jewellery Workshops - Old Cromwell - Les Riddell

Learn how to make your own piece of jewellery.

Les Riddell is a fine jeweller who operates from an historic old stone store in Old Cromwell. There he has a fine display of his work and a fully equipped workshop attached. 

$250 for 4 week block courses. Every Tuesday night between 6pm & 9pm. Held at Objects Of Art, 71 Melmore Tce, Murrell's Shed, Old Cromwell Town, Cromwell

Contact Les for more information on 03 445 3094 or 027 200 1712 or email: [email protected]

Kiwis Can Ukulele! [Call for more information]

  • Kiwis Can Ukulele! - Call for more information

Kiwis Can Ukulele!

Barry Bemrose teaches ukulele lessons for all ages. An affordable, fun instrument that is presently enjoying a global resurgence in popularity. Barry offers classes to anyone who is interested in learning to play the ukulele. Kids lessons, intermediate classes and adults classes. He will be running a class for intermediate players so call to find out more.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03 448 7675 or 027 3764162

You can check out a short video of Barry playing his ukulele on Youtube click here

New Art @ Old Cromwell

  • New Art @ Old Cromwell

Join us for a fund and convivial art experience in the beautiful surrounds of the Cromwell Heritage Precinct. New Art @Old Cromwell is held in March every year. 

Participate in workshops run by well-know artists and experience the pleasure of creating you own artwork.

For more information and to book your place please go to or phone Megan Huffadine on 027 273 1909. 

Pastel Classes with NZ Master Pastellist Julie Greig - Maniototo [Sun, 25 February 2024 - Tue, 26 November 2024]

  • Pastel Classes with NZ Master Pastellist Julie Greig - Maniototo

Pastel Schools 2024 with Julie Greig.

Venue - Maniototo Arts Centre - Ranfurly.

Contact [email protected] for further information and to enroll.

Cromwell Pottery Group [Tue, 30 January 2024]

  • Cromwell Pottery Group

Join the Cromwell Pottery Group located in the Heritage Precinct in Cromwell.

For further information email [email protected]

Central Otago Creative Wellbeing

  • Central Otago Creative Wellbeing

Free creative art sessions for those experiencing isolation or struggling with their mental wellbeing. Focusing on creativity as a tool for positive wellbeing and self expression. 

For more information check out the 'Central Otago Creative Wellbeing' facebook page, email [email protected] or phone/ text 0210 278 1078.

Drawing Classes for Children from 8 years with Marion Vialade - Worch [Wed, 8 May 2024]

  • Drawing Classes for Children from 8 years with Marion Vialade - Worch - Drawing Classes for Children from 8 years old with Marion Vialade - Worch

Learn to Draw with Central Otago artist Marion Vialade.

Classes for children from 8 years, held in Alexandra.

Classes run from 8th May 2024 every Wednesday after school, 3.30pm - 5pm.

Contact Marion Vialade-Worch by email or text for more information and to book.

Phone 022 652 5036

Email [email protected]

Beginners Pottery Workshops with Kathi McLean [Tue, 30 January 2024]

  • Beginners Pottery Workshops with Kathi McLean

Central Otago artist Kathi McLean offers a series of Beginners Pottery Workshops through the year. In these classes you will be introduced to hand and wheel work and learn to make your own ceramic pieces. Classes are held in Alexandra Community House, Centennial Avenue, Alexandra. For further information contact Kathi McLean 021 025 28365

Central Otago Art Society 2024 Arts Workshops [Tue, 30 January 2024]

  • Central Otago Art Society 2024 Arts Workshops

The Central Otago Art Society will hold a series of Arts Workshops across a range of disciplines throughout 2024. To see what is happening now and/ or what is coming up visit the Central Otago Art Society Facebook page.

Email [email protected]

Phone Judy 021 147 9289

Queenstown Arts Society Life Drawing Classes with Kasia Hebda

  • Queenstown Arts Society Life Drawing Classes with Kasia Hebda

Join Queenstown Arts Society for eight individual classes of classical figure drawing, guided by artist Kasia Hebda. Enhance your drawing skills and deepen your understanding of composition, line, mass, and texture through observational drawing with a life model.

Sundays 4-5:45 pm - 21, 28 April, 5, 12 May

Wednesdays 6-7:45 pm – 29 May, 5, 12, 19 June

TE ATAMIRA | PU?WAI | $25 + $3 booking fee per class

Classes on 21st of April and 29th of May are free of charge! Please reserve your seat prior.

Join QAS for Term 2 of Life Drawing classes – this time we have eight classes for you, you can book and pay as you go.

Practicing observational drawing is a core skill for anyone seeking to enhance their artistic abilities. Life Drawing teaches you hand-eye coordination, hones your observational skills and improves your focus. Engaging in life drawing not only allows you to portray the human body but, with consistent practice, fosters a deep comprehension of composition, form, and balance in our artistic pursuits.

‍Life drawing enhances spatial imagination, accelerates your drawing process, and refines decision-making skills. The need to swiftly capture visually captivating images within time constraints ingrains these skills naturally. The human body becomes a visual form for creative experimentation, offering exploration through diverse materials, mark-making, and techniques.

‍Attending life drawing classes led by our experienced tutor and professional artist, Kasia Hebda, will be an invaluable addition to any creative practice. No experience necessary - beginners are welcome.

‍This series of classes is crafted to help you start your drawing practice. Please bring your sketchbook and preferred dry materials. Two out of eight classes will be non-guided which means you will be able to consolidate your knowledge and work uninterrupted. Our tutor, Kasia, will set the poses.

Big thank you to Queenstown Lake District Creative Communities NZ for supporting our classes and making them accessible.

Classes details and dates:

  • 21 April, Sunday 4-5:45pm – guided, free of charge
  • 28 April, Sunday 4-5:45pm – guided
  • 5 May, Sunday 4-5:45pm – guided
  • 12 May, Sunday 4-5:45pm – non-guided
  • 29 May, Wednesday 6-7:45pm – guided, free of charge
  • 5 June, Wednesday 6-7:45pm – guided
  • 12 June, Wednesday 6-7:45pm – guided
  • 19 June, Wednesday 6-7:45pm – non-guided

‍Recommended materials:

A4-A3 sketchbook, visual diary or digital tablet.
Pencils, colour pencils, conte and graphite sticks, markers (no soft charcoal sticks please)
Erasers (kneadable or soft)
Bulldog clips

Drawing room etiquette and model protocol:

-No smartphones, personal music devices or photographic equipment are allowed in life classes.
-Students are expected to arrive on time, at least 10 minutes early so they can set up and be ready to start on time  
-If a life model is working, students and visitors will knock and wait outside the room until a pose is broken and the model is robed.
-Models will have preference over room temperature.
-Students must be conscious of the model's personal space and not approach the model without permission.
-The privacy of the model is to be maintained at all times both in the room and outside the room.

Learners under 18

Please note that these classes have nude models (male and female). We welcome learners under 18 but they do need parental consent to take this class.

If you are a learner under 18, please do the following:

-ask your parent or guardian if it's okay for you to do this class
-ask your parent or guardian to send a permission email to us at [email protected]