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January 2013


Happy New Year and wishing you all great success in 2013! It is exciting to start a fresh new year full of energy, ideas and opportunities.

Good news, the Central Otago District Arts Trust (CODAT) arts coordinator Maxine Williams is in her new office which is part of Alexandra’s new Community House and just across the road from Central Stories Museum in Centennial Ave. "I've been in my role as coordinator for three years nearly to the day and this is definitely a step up", say's Maxine. "It’s great to be here instead of working from home, my sunroom in fact, off from my bedroom"!

If you’d like to call in to say hi or to discuss how the arts trust might be able to help with any artistic endeavours, please do. She will be based there from 9-5 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the other days by appointment.

The official opening for the public to have a look through Community House at 10.30am on Saturday 9th February and everyone is welcome to come along for a look around.

Central Otago Arts has been allocated a wall space in the foyer display local work and first up will be Odelle Morshuis. If you would like to check her artwork out click here to view her page on the arts directory.