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November 2017

Bachelor of Visual Arts at Central Campus for the first time. [Fri, 3 November 2017]

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts at Central Campus for the first time. -

For the first time, Otago Polytechnic's Bachelor of Visual Arts programme will be offered at the Central Campus in Cromwell.

The Bachelor of Visual Arts was previously only available to those studying at the Dunedin School of Art (DSA). However, from 2018, it will be possible to study the second and third year painting and photography specialities by distance from Central Otago.

Clive Humphreys, Acting Head of Dunedin School of Art, says that as Central Otago's population grows it seems sensible to be serving this region.

"We have seen an increased interest, particularly in our post - graduate programmes, which have attracted a range of artists from Central Otago. We have started by offering programmes in painting or photography, two disciplines in which a lot of people in Central Otago are working. This isn't for first-year art students. We are looking to cater to those people who already have some forms of art practice.  They might have a studio of their own, have an exhibition experience, and be looking to lift their skills and techniques in specific areas."

Those seeking to enter the two-year programme will be required to submit a portfolio that demonstrates their experience. Support for students will include visits to the Cromwell Campus by members of the faculty, and some student visits to the Dunedin School of Art. Other support will include phone or Skype arrangements.

"I see this as the first stage of the establishment of a greater Dunedin School of Art presence in Central Otago," Clive says.

Art graduates are increasingly finding employment in a variety of sectors, including as a practising artist, curator, art - educator or researcher - or in the digital and film industries.

You can read more about the programme HERE