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Queenstown Arts Centre - 'We are Not There Yet', by Kelly Pearce

Location: Queenstown Arts Centre
Region: Queenstown
Dates: Fri, 1 October 2021 - Mon, 25 October 2021 @ Daily

  • Queenstown Arts Centre - 'We are Not There Yet', by Kelly Pearce

In November 2020, I was privileged to be awarded the supreme award, at the Queenstown Art Centre Annual Art Awards. 

As part of a generous prize, I was given the opportunity to have a solo exhibition.

Although a challenge to prepare for, (while recovering from wrist surgeries, delays and noticeable shifts in my work), the show has given me the opportunity to develop my studio practice, helped me to reassess my other work life, and to minimise distractions.

I have been in a state of deep exploration, pushing paint and mediums past the limits of my knowledge to make discoveries. I believe there are infinite things yet to uncover about colour, light, and the alchemy of my materials.

This work reflects our connection to the landscapes we live in, and the way we respond to them. Travel is a strong theme in my work. Road trips and discovering new places, planning, never reaching the final destination. The paintings are mostly abstract or semi abstract, using different media and painting techniques. The viewer is able to respond and use their own imagination to decide where or what they are seeing. People often ask me, “Where is that?” The answer is -Where ever you want it to be.


Queenstown Arts Centre