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Artbay Gallery Exclusive - 'Disco isn’t Dead' by Sally Bulling

Location: Artbay Gallery
Dates: Thu, 28 October 2021 - Tue, 30 November 2021 @ 11am - 5pm, 7days

  • Artbay Gallery Exclusive -  'Disco isn’t Dead' by Sally Bulling

Disco isn’t dead! Actually, It Never Died.

Sally’s exhibition ‘Disco isn’t Dead’ celebrates one of the most fascinating times in pop culture. Vibrant colours are mixed with sombre hues and rich metallics channelled onto the mirror with physical movements, sweeping marks, dripping flicks and elaborate pours.

The works titled after disco hits from the period - is a nod to a society that was living in a time, where living free and against the norm was the lifestyle choice. Disco was glamorous, it was the music of the jet set, it was psychedelic colours, flashy golds and beaming lights.

Disco isn’t dead! The counterculture innovation of yesterday has snuck its way into the mainstream of today. Society today isn’t following the exact formulas, but rather picking apart certain key elements to create their own disco lifestyles. This exhibition captures my love for a little bit of the retro disco vibe but is mixed with the strong contemporary forms and mediums.

If you would like more information about these spectacular artworks please contact us at the Gallery on 03-442 9090, or if you would like to see how one could look on your wall, please email an image of your wall to [email protected]


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