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Artbay Gallery Exclusive - Sally Bulling, 'Disco isn’t Dead'.

Location: Artbay Gallery
Region: Queenstown
Dates: Wed, 20 October 2021 @ Daily

  • Artbay Gallery Exclusive - Sally Bulling, 'Disco isn’t Dead'.

Sally’s exhibition ‘Disco isn’t Dead’ celebrates one of the most fascinating times in pop culture. Vibrant colours are mixed with sombre hues and rich metallics channelled onto the mirror with physical movements, sweeping marks, dripping flicks and elaborate pours.

The works titled after disco hits from the period - is a nod to a society that was living in a time, where living free and against the norm was the lifestyle choice. Disco was glamorous, it was the music of the jet set, it was psychedelic colours, flashy golds and beaming lights. 

Using mirror as a canvas, unique luminous light and depth are captured in her paintings and in addition the reflection of the viewer’s own gaze and their surroundings. The veneers of poured glass preserve each layer of the painting as the overlapping images are embedded within each transparent layer.

Disco isn’t dead! The counterculture innovation of yesterday has snuck its way into the mainstream of today. Society today isn’t following the exact formulas, but rather picking apart certain key elements to create their own disco lifestyles. The disco decade of cool is proving to be invincible.


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