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Eade Gallery - Autumn Light Central by Philip Beadle

Location: Eade Gallery
Region: Clyde
Dates: Sun, 3 October 2021 - Tue, 2 November 2021 @ 10am - 4pm

  • Eade Gallery - Autumn Light Central by Philip Beadle

Christchurch painter Philip Beadle’s rich subject matter will have wide appeal in his solo exhibition. “My immediate environment of Christchurch, the Canterbury Plains, the Southern Alps and Banks Peninsula inspire my artworks that are mostly in oil. I also create drypoint prints and etchings.”

Travelling around New Zealand and observing seasonal landscapes, especially in winter and autumn, offers a range of subject matter.

“Low light and shadows are intriguing and over the past few years I have spent more time in Central Otago enjoying the contrast and drama of the big skies and landscapes here. Most of my work for this solo exhibition is of landscapes close to Clyde and some a little further afield.” Philip has worked as an artist for 30 years. After visiting museums and galleries in Europe as a young man he started visualising his future artistic direction. “I am interested in the emotional response to a subject. It could be sun glaring on water or a pose seen for a millisecond as someone moves in everyday life,” he says. “I am motivated to create an exciting painting surface with abstract qualities and enjoy painting in warm low evening or winter light to resolve form, colour and light into a warm companion on canvas.”

“I try to develop my art without outside influence rather I endeavour to enjoy the process of painting as much as possible and continue to push my boundaries.”


Eade Gallery

17A Holloway Street, Clyde, New Zealand