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Lakes District Museum Gallery - 'Recent Works' Jane Kellahan and Matt Gauldie

Location: Lakes District Museum and Gallery, Arrowtown
Region: Arrowtown
Dates: Wed, 2 December 2020 - Sun, 6 December 2020 @ 10am - 4pm daily.

  • Lakes District Museum Gallery - 'Recent Works' Jane Kellahan and Matt Gauldie

Jane Kellahan and Matt Gauldie met in Wellington in 2001. This solid 19 year old friendship is a special bond, based on speaking the same artistic language, sharing creative ideas, techniques, and life's highs and lows. As both artists are now based in Wanaka and Dunedin they now collaborate in exhibitions and art retreats.

Jane Kellahan
Wellington born, Wanaka-based artist Jane Kellahan has been a force to reckon with in the art scene for over 25 years. Her evocative, atmospheric and thought-provoking paintings, often conveying an environmental message, have won her numerous national and international accolades. Crafted onto canvas, paper and wood, Jane’s work incorporates organic materials gathered from the southern lakes district. Sensuous oils and mediums create compelling visual textures that convey depth, potency and an exquisite dance of light. Jane believes that to create a better world, more people need to make art. She runs painting workshops for children and adults.

Matt Gauldie
Dunedin based artist, Matt Gauldie has 20 years of knowledge and wisdom working with a wide variety of mediums including bronze, oil painting, printmaking and illustration. From 2004 to 2015 Matt was the official New Zealand Army artist - a posting that saw him creating paintings and sculptures depicting New Zealand soldiers on active operations overseas and throughout New Zealand. Over the years Matt has also immersed himself in a wide variety of figurative works capturing the daily lives of sheep shearers, orchard workers, horse-racing, and general New Zealand life. In more recent times, he has developed a reputation for his large-scale public bronze sculptures such as Sapper Moore-Jones in Hamilton City, and a monument for Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington. His most recent sculpture in the Waikato was to commemorate the fallen horses that were sent to WWI and never returned.


Lakes District Museum and Gallery, Arrowtown