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Hullabaloo Art Space - 'Adorn', by Andi Regan.

Location: Hullabaloo Art Space
Region: Cromwell
Dates: Sun, 15 November 2020 - Sat, 5 December 2020 @ 10am - 4pm daily.

  • Hullabaloo Art Space - 'Adorn', by Andi Regan.

This current series of work, traces my journey and recent first visit to Auckland Museum. I was captivated by the Pacific Masterpieces; where treasures are displayed as art objects to emphasize their aesthetic beauty and craftmanship. 

With my love of native birds and textiles, it was the decorative feather work that particularly evoked my emotions. Utilizing readily found materials of the time, feathers are crafted to adorn ceremonial garments and ornamental artefacts, undeniably beautiful but often at the sacrifice of the species.  

My own work aims to utilize a commonly used object (cable ties) by hand dyeing and repetitively connecting and twisting, until it becomes something tactile, decorative and reflective of my journey. 


Hullabaloo Art Space

15 Melmore Terrace , Old Cromwell Historic Precinct