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Whirlwind Productions NZ 10th Year Anniversary Celebration.

Location: Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall
Region: Arrowtown
Dates: Thu, 5 November 2020 - Sat, 7 November 2020 @ 7pm daily

  • Whirlwind Productions NZ 10th Year Anniversary Celebration.

It all started ten years ago with “Rock and Roll Suicide” (2010) a Rock Opera about the rise and fall of Joe Rockstar who takes a train to London to seek fame and fortune, only to realise it's not all it appears to be. The community responded with overwhelming applause, and Whirlwind was formed. Inspiration for original song composition led to the creation of “Songstars” - a forum for original music artists Followed by “London Calling” (2011); an exploration of the social and musical changes in the UK from 1964-1984; “California Dreaming” (2012) was a jump into the music of the US in1969 led by the characters of the time (Charles Manson, Gloria Steinham, etc.); “27” (2013) introduced us to Riley Cormac, a struggling musician who grapples with an offer of stardom from the devil. “The Chain” (2017) followed five women in their quest to understand life through the formation of a Stevie Nicks tribute band; “Crazy” (2018) dove deep into the struggles with mental illness and the institutions that try to remedy them, and “Radio Kaos” (2019) took a satirical approach into the heyday and demise of community radio.

Please join us as we re-create some of the outstanding moments of the past 10 years productions, with their original performers.

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Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall

33 Buckingham St , Arrowtown