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Arts on Your NZ - Anthonie Tonnon, 'Rail Land'.

Location: Coronation Hall, Bannockburn
Region: Bannockburn
Dates: Fri, 13 November 2020 @ 7.30pm.

  • Arts on Your NZ -  Anthonie Tonnon, 'Rail Land'.

Rail Land is a tour celebrating public transport in Aotearoa.

The show is a journey of the mind, through song and story, about New Zealand’s on-and-off again love affair with its railways, and its public transport system.

Where possible, we accompany the show with an experience - a communal journey by rail or other means of public transport. Where the services no longer exist, we aim to charter them, and bring Rail Land to life for one night.

In it’s first two years, Rail Land took city dwellers to community halls in rail-built hinterlands. This year, thanks to the hard work of Arts On Tour, I’ll be visiting the great and small towns at the ends of our historic public transport network.

Almost all had rail (or great buses or ferries), and despite losses in the last half-century, some still do. So in selected places, we’ll be curating journeys on public services, or chartered trains, buses and ferries. Get tickets HERE


Coronation Hall, Bannockburn

37 Hall Road, Bannockburn