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Hullabaloo Art Space - Rubies and the Language of Love by Carmen Burgi

Location: Hullabaloo Art Space
Region: Cromwell
Dates: Sun, 14 July 2024 - Wed, 31 July 2024 @ 10am - 4pm Daily

  • Hullabaloo Art Space - Rubies and the Language of Love by Carmen Burgi

Carmen Burgi is a contemporary jeweller and object maker from Central Otago. She specialises in handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces. She works largely in silver, semi-precious stones, and pearls, but sometimes makes use of other materials like plant material, mild steel and resin.

Carmen says...

July’s gemstone is the ruby and it’s one of my favourite gems. A 'Pigeons Blood’ ruby is the most desirable colour, however they can range from an orange-red to pinkish and purple. Rubies measure 9/10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (diamonds are the hardest at 10/10), and will often have inclusions. A natural ruby without inclusions is exceedingly rare and costly. Luckily, rubies can now be man-made and are much more affordable.

The secret language of gemstones

Ruby denotes 'passion' and in Victorian times would have been gifted to your heart’s true love. If a wife or paramour of a Victorian gentleman was lucky enough to receive jewellery consisting of rubies (for passion), sapphires (for virtue and faithfulness), and diamonds (for eternity) he would have been expressing ‘My heart’s true love, I will be faithful to you for eternity.' So romantic!

Look for stories in jewellers' materials. In my work I often use silver, gold, semi precious stones and pearls, however the fossicker and weka in me might take a liking to some particular plant matter, or even mild steel. These fossicked materials bring their own stories to my creations - anything from dark, edgy, organic, sinister, or ethereal. They become sculptures, an object, or a piece of jewellery; occasionally both.

Carmen Burgi's love of gems and found materials inspire new directions in her jewellery practice.


Hullabaloo Art Space

15 Melmore Terrace , Old Cromwell Historic Precinct