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Artbay Gallery - Virut 2024

Location: Artbay Gallery, 13 Marine Parade, Queenstown
Dates: Thu, 4 July 2024 - Sat, 31 August 2024 @ 11am - 5pm, 7days

  • Artbay Gallery - Virut 2024

Born in 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand, Virut Panchabuse emerged as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene with his innovative approach to portraiture. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the esteemed King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Virut embarked on a journey that would redefine the boundaries of traditional artistic expression.

Virut’s artistic signature lies in his abandonment of conventional oil brushes in favour of vibrant magazine cuttings. Through a meticulous collage technique, he breathes life into his subjects, creating striking pop-art portraits bursting with emotion. His creative process begins in the digital realm, where he scours through the avalanche of images inundating our daily lives. However, Virut’s quest transcends the pursuit of mere beauty or fame; he seeks the elusive essence of emotion. ”I believe this is what’s important in art – emotions,” he asserts. ”So I just look for images that evoke emotions.”

In Virut’s world, gender, age, and ethnicity are inconsequential. Each subject becomes a vessel for the raw authenticity of human emotion. As he meticulously assembles thousands of tiny magazine patches, layer by layer, he captures the essence of his subjects, immortalizing their unique spirit.

The result is a collection of larger-than-life collages that blur the line between reality and artistry.
From a distance, his portraits exude a hyper realistic allure, drawing viewers into a world where emotions
reign supreme. Yet, upon closer inspection, the original images dissolve into a kaleidoscope of paper layers, leaving only the lingering imprint of feeling. Virut’s artistic vision has garnered international acclaim, with his works adorning the walls of prestigious collections worldwide. From the galleries of Italian fashion icon Luciano Benetton to the private homes of discerning collectors in New Zealand, the US, and beyond, his art transcends borders and cultures.

Despite his global success, Virut remains rooted in his passion for capturing the beauty and complexity of human emotion. ”The majority of my paintings and collages are representations of the curves and faces of women,” he reveals. ”My sole goal is to immortalize the beauty of the people I create.”

Through his art, Virut invites us to explore the boundless depths of human emotion, reminding us that in a world filled with noise, it is the quiet whisper of feeling that truly resonates. 


Artbay Gallery, 13 Marine Parade, Queenstown