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Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery - "The Painted Land"

Location: Central Stories Museum & Art Gallery
Region: Alexandra
Dates: Sat, 4 May 2024 - Sun, 30 June 2024 @ 10am - 4pm Daily

  • Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery - "The Painted Land"

This Painted Land is a show of bigger works by Central Otago artists. These are works that give us the land, our world of difference with the assured skill of artists who live with a constant presence of blue skies and golden yellow mountains hazed by the distance and light. Whether they shout back with contrasting colour and clarity or accept with a nostalgic remembering of a dream these works let us stare into a palpable place, of the world invented for us. To stand in front of them, to wait a moment and allow ourselves to be moved to a Painted Land is to enjoy the reality of Art. This show displays works from Neil Driver, Julie Greig, Rachel Hirabayashi, Shaun Burdon, Jillian Porteous, Maurice Middleditch, Katie Robinson, Debbie Malcolm, Jane Whitaker, and Nigel Wilson. In the Henderson and Grant Galleries we have taken the opportunity to give time and space to a highly varied collection. There is somewhere here for everyone to look, see and dream.


Central Stories Museum & Art Gallery

21 Centennial Ave, Alexandra