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Clyde Museum - Sanctuary.

Location: Clyde Museum, 5 Blyth Street, Clyde
Region: Clyde
Dates: Fri, 10 March 2023 @ Daily

  • Clyde Museum - Sanctuary.

SANCTUARY - An exhibition of Works By Central Otago Artists inspired by parts of the Clyde Museum collection.

The belief that our possessions have the power to create a charmed circle around us and provide us with sanctuary, whether intellectual, emotional, spiritual (or perhaps all of these) is a part of human nature. These possessions sometimes end up in museums. They are displayed with accompanying explanations as to their use/ history/ rarity/ ownership etc. They are treated with care and given asylum from the outside world. But the price that comes with this asylum is loss. The cherished toy, the clothing worn with pride, the well-used tool becomes spiritually inert. But the artist is not anchored by the rationality of the museum.

The artist is not a historian, biographer, an anthropologist or professional archivist. An artist is concerned with illusion, with magic and making charms. Art is our sanctuary from the impulse to simply explain. So, we at the Clyde Museum ask that artists enter this building and reimagine our objects, challenge our perceptions and break the code of reason.


Clyde Museum, 5 Blyth Street, Clyde