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Broker Galleries - Stoned

Location: 36 Grant Rd, Queenstown
Region: Queenstown
Dates: Wed, 25 May 2022 - Thu, 30 June 2022 @ Daily

  • Broker Galleries - Stoned

"Stoned", an exhibition of new photography, painting, drawing, video & sculptural works by:

Emma Theyers, Marc Blake, Shane Woolridge, Shannon Courtenay and Tracy Porteous

Each of the artists in this exhibition displays a unique handling of tools and materials in creating artworks that strike a balance between rawness and refinement. Whether through verisimilitude, subtle intervention, meditative control, or gestural energy, their practices are distinct, yet also strike a harmonious tone when encountered within the context of each other. The austerity and contemplative atmosphere of these works is palpable upon entering the room, but this is something of a veneer, beneath which play, self-awareness and humour can be found at the heart of each artist and their respective disciplines.


36 Grant Rd, Queenstown