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Queenstown Contemporary - Marc Blake.

Location: Queenstown Contemporary, Five Mile, Queenstown.
Region: Queenstown
Dates: Thu, 16 January 2020 - Fri, 21 February 2020 @ Wed-Sun, 10am - 4pm or by arrangement.

  • Queenstown Contemporary - Marc Blake.

Queenstown Contemporary's first solo exhibition presents a body of work conceived and created by Marc Blake within the gallery space over the past months. Reflecting the large scale of the gallery walls and by extension, the grand mountainous landscape visible through the glass at each end of the space, Blake's canvases are intended to be physically encountered and experienced.

Based upon a studio practice concerned with materiality, ritual and the structure of daily life, Blake's paintings create a new, universal language that also references the tradition of abstract painting. They explore and add to the timeless lineage of mark-making and visual communication, presented on a human scale, yet with a contemporary sense of non-expressive, post-internet detachment.

Moving between sparse, minimal, monotone canvases contracted as objects to vibrantly coloured, all-over compositions, Marc's unique working process is visible within the shared DNA of each painting. Similarly, his humorous installations examining consumerism and digital worship within society, are created from everyday objects found within the immediate environment of the gallery's Five Mile location.


Queenstown Contemporary, Five Mile, Queenstown.