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Central Cinema - Art Series: Frida, Viva La Viva.

Location: Central Cinema Inc
Region: Alexandra
Dates: Wed, 19 February 2020 @ 7.30pm.

  • Central Cinema - Art Series: Frida, Viva La Viva.

Frida – Viva La Vida is a cinematic documentary that highlights Frida Kahlo’s two souls: the woman, fiercely independent and tormented by love, and the artist, free from the leashes of her physical bounds. Acclaimed actress and director Asia Argento will join us to uncover the two faces of the iconic artist through Frida’s own words: letters, diaries and private confessions.

Journey deep in the heart of Mexico to explore the heart and soul of Frida Kahlo, including big screen access to her masterpieces in some of the Mexico’s most extraordinary museums. A deep dive into Frida’s art of opposites and dualism – pain and pleasure, darkness and light, moon and sun, life in death and death in life.

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Central Cinema Inc

21 Centennial Avenue,