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Eade Gallery - 'Another Time', by Rachel Hirabayashi.

Location: Eade Gallery
Region: Clyde
Dates: Sun, 6 October 2019 - Thu, 31 October 2019 @ From 10am, daily.

  • Eade Gallery - 'Another Time', by Rachel Hirabayashi.

Rachel Hirabayashi is the first of the season's solo exhibitions at Eade Gallery. These exhibitions give our artists not only the ability to present a body of work but also an opportunity for our customers to meet the artist.

Cromwell based artist, Rachel Hirabayashi, says she has strong childhood  memories of turps and linseed associated with her father, David Jones, who was a full-time artist. Her sought after work, including landscapes and kinetic sculptures, has won numerous awards. “I'm a landscape artist and the solitude of Otago and the bare form of the hills and mountains are the subject," says Rachel. “Often shadow or silhouetted figures allow for a projected narrative but there is always an isolation at the centre of the work. My style is of my own that I have developed slowly over the years. It is work done with acrylic and literally a hundred or so layers and glazes,” she says. “It generates a depth to the colour which opens up the visual illusion of space and of empty space in which the splashes and viewers thoughts can hang.”

She is looking forward to showing an entertaining range of work at Eade Gallery. “ I love a wall of moving things so I'm planning a show with lots of my brazed swinging creatures including yuis, fish and rabbits which will be accompanied by recycled tin flowers and some cottages,” says Rachel. “I've recently been revisiting old work and redoing things. It is strangely exciting to do, and it means the show will be energetic, fun and eclectic.”


Eade Gallery

17A Holloway Street, Clyde, New Zealand