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Gallery 33 - Thomas Hancock and Jane Schriffer.

Location: Gallery 33, Wanaka.
Region: Wanaka
Dates: Fri, 3 August 2018 - Fri, 24 August 2018 @ 10am -5.30, Mon-Fri. 10am -5pm, Sat-Sun.

  • Gallery 33 - Thomas Hancock and Jane Schriffer.

Thomas Hancock's, 'Objection' and Jane Schriffer's, Don't Touch That' on exhibition at Gallery 33 in Wanaka. A show of bright and colourful paintings; luscious abstracts and fascinating objects. 

Thomas Hancock is a New Zealand born visual artist who specializes in figurative oil paintings. Born in Lower Hutt, Thomas moved to Christchurch in 2010 to study Fine Arts at Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury. His work includes portraiture and more recently, still-life. Thomas currently lives and works in Melbourne Australia.

Jane Schriffer is an painter based in Wanaka, she specialises in abstract works.


Gallery 33, Wanaka.