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Arts on Tour New Zealand - "Te Tupua - The Goblin" Bannockburn

Location: Coronation Hall, Bannockburn
Region: Bannockburn
Dates: Sun, 19 May 2024 @ 7.30pm

  • Arts on Tour New Zealand - "Te Tupua - The Goblin" Bannockburn

Te Tupua – The Goblin is a solo play written and performed by John G Davies.  Te Tupua deals with atonement concerning bicultural New Zealand and the hidden trauma of our shared violent history.

This play, performed very simply with three props and a whole heap of energy, evokes a traditional storyteller from the days of the communal fire. John explains, “When I go out into that space, the stage, I feel connected to all the ancient storytellers, to the people who imitate, embody, project, and summon their life force to engage their audience. That’s me, I’m one of those.” 

Ancient Greek drama and the Japanese Noh Theatre continue to inspire and guide this work.  Modern theatrical convention often uses masks to disguise identity for a comedic interplay or as an attractive theatrical prop. In this play, Te Tupua – The Goblin the appearance of the past is made possible using a traditional theatrical device, which is the mask.  

This play is suitable for ages 10 and up. 

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Coronation Hall, Bannockburn

37 Hall Road, Bannockburn