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Hullabaloo Art Space - 'Secret Places' by Lorraine Higgins

Location: Hullabaloo Art Space
Dates: Tue, 14 February 2023 - Sat, 11 March 2023 @ Daily

  • Hullabaloo Art Space -  'Secret Places' by Lorraine Higgins

A selection of works by Lorraine Higgins.

Secret Places

Camping in the Nevis

Wet feet from the dew

Walking to the long-drop

Breathless at the view

Driving home from Alexandra

On a starry night

Walking with my Kelpie

Into the morning light

My heart is in the mountains

When rain begins to fall

My soul is in the lake edge

Dipping to keep cool

My Spirit in its true place

Marveling at the view

Lorraine Higgins February 2023


Hullabaloo Art Space

15 Melmore Terrace , Old Cromwell Historic Precinct