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Eade Gallery - Still Life With Grapes, A Homage to the Masters by Paul Samson

Location: Eade Gallery
Region: Clyde
Dates: Sun, 30 January 2022 - Thu, 3 March 2022 @ 10am - 4pm Daily

  • Eade Gallery - Still Life With Grapes, A Homage to the Masters by Paul Samson

"Still life with grapes, A homage to the masters"

 Paul Samson is dedicated to painting still life whether it be vegetables or fruit and his solo exhibition at Eade Gallery in February reflects this.

“I have taken this process through various phases and believe my brush stroke is getting softer infusing the fruit with more light. The artist in me is very attracted to the work of the Masters such as Picasso, Cezanne and Vermeer and this influence comes through in my style and subject matter, particularly as I explore themes of the relationship between my past, spirit and matter.”

Paul developed his art in his early 40s while living in England. Inspired by Cezanne he started painting watercolour before enrolling at Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea.

“This proved to be a frustrating time as the medium of watercolour did not allow me to produce the power and depth of colour resonance I wanted. I left the college and approached Israel Zohar, a contemporary artist of international standing, who teaches in the old renaissance mode. He advised me to change to oils and agreed to teach me on a one-to-one basis.”

This began a six-year relationship during which Paul accepted portrait commissions and sold still life works from his London home. Returning to New Zealand in 2003 he taught art and sold paintings from his garden studio in Kerikeri before moving to Cromwell in 2013.

“My current direction is one of diversity — a challenge that is essential to the enjoyment of painting for me. Unlike other years, grapes are featuring as the consistent element in my still life paintings. While I continue to explore complex compositions in some paintings I am also experimenting with greater simplicity in others.”


Eade Gallery

17A Holloway Street, Clyde, New Zealand