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Eade Gallery - 'The Colour of Anxiety' Eric Schusser

Location: Eade Gallery
Region: Clyde
Dates: Sat, 28 March 2020 - Thu, 23 April 2020 @ Daily

  • Eade Gallery - 'The Colour of Anxiety' Eric Schusser

Open: Currently closed due to Covid 19. This solo is available to view in a virtual gallery - an exciting new development in the display of art at this gallery. The link to the virtual show is via and the work is in the gallery window for those in Clyde to view when out for exercise or a stroll.

Waking up on the 1st of January 2020 and seeing the eery glowing sky and smoke from the Australian bushfires - I immediately thought “Welcome to our future”. To me ,it was a dystopian future, an in your face reminder that climate change affects us all.

In dealing with this as a photographic project I wanted to convey a warning but I also wanted to convey the extraordinary beauty of our land and what we risk losing. In a sense the exhibition has become prophetic - as more and more places shut down in the face of COVID 19 our land will indeed become void of people circulating in society. 

My methodology involves visual storytelling, honesty and I hope to give viewers an image they can connect with, be that graphic and stark images of a future where the beauty rest behind a smoky tone or traditional beautiful black and white landscapes. 
This exhibition is printed as a series of framed pigment ink archival photographic images with a historic processes wet plate collodion orange smoky tint - a reference to the bushfires. It is contrasted with the classical timeless quality of two black and white images of how it was and how we want things to remain.


Eade Gallery

17A Holloway Street, Clyde, New Zealand