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What if Climate Change was Purple? - Call for Applications.

Region: Central Otago
Dates: Thu, 12 September 2019 - Fri, 4 October 2019 @ Apply Now

  • What if Climate Change was Purple? - Call for Applications.

Call for Applications from Artists & Scientists

Ever wondered if you could feel and not just know about climate change and the science behind it, that you would be deeply moved to do more about it? We did too.

What if Climate Change was Purple? is an exciting collaborative project that brings together a diverse group of artists & scientists into an environment that allows them to share their knowledge and to research ideas to create powerful new art works that inspire climate action.

Running from August 2019 to May 2021, the project is delivered with support from both Victoria University of Wellington professor James Renwick, using part of the money he received as recipient of the Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize 2018, and the University.

Our hope is that by bringing a selection of artists & scientists together all, or some, of them will come out of an initial workshop in November 2019 with project ideas for climate-related art works they continue to develop and execute over a series of stages, building towards a public showing of work-in-development in 2021.

The science tells us that every tenth of a degree of warming adds to the risks that undermine our way of life. To halt the warming at no more than 1.5°C we must halve global emissions of carbon dioxide by 2030, and get to zero by 2050.

But we can come together to make a difference and create a better world by drawing on all kinds of skills and knowledge, artistic, scientific, mātauranga Māori and that founded in culture and personal experience.

What if Climate Change was Purple? aims to inspire New Zealanders to find imaginative solutions and change behaviour now to help the world limit climate warming to 1.5C degrees. Acting together – we can make a big difference.

Key dates

Open call for applications launch: Wednesday, 28th August 2019

Call for applications close: Friday, 4th October 2019, at 5pm

Selection notification: Monday, 21st October 2019

Click HERE for an application form.