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Artbay Gallery - No Ordinary Sun by Louise McRae.

Location: Artbay Gallery, Marine Parade, Queenstown
Region: Queenstown
Dates: Wed, 24 January 2018 - Fri, 16 February 2018 @ 10am - 5pm daily.

  • Artbay Gallery - No Ordinary Sun by Louise McRae.

Artbay Gallery

No Ordinary Sun by Louise McRae

Louise McRae’s latest art exhibition will capture art lovers with its mix of cubism, abstract forms and destruction.
There’s something about destruction which draws our eye and holds our attention. New Zealand artist Louise McRae plays with this; her work is a beautiful collision, a stunning work of destruction.

Louise McRae’s work represents a beautiful collision between the detritus of a rural landscape, deconstructed representation and abstract formalism. McRae collects scrap macrocarpa timber upon which she paints loose land, sky and seascapes. She then splits these scenes into shards and, with a keen feeling for form, space and placement, re-assembles the shards into panels of varying shapes and formats. This re-configuration of shattered images carries associations of change or flux and evokes a strange sense of space, with multiple vanishing or entry points from which all movement radiates.

McRae’s process is also a reference to the distortions and unconventional perspectives of cubism and its associated investigations into the representation of time, space and motion; the use of found and recycled materials harking back to cubist sculpture and collage.

The careful modulation of colour and surface across McRae’s panels is captivating, its effect akin to the perceptual experience of optical art. This experiential aspect is also key to uncovering the spirituality in McRae’s work and her strong connections to place. Each piece speaks fluently of both the scene it derived from and of the sheer physical work involved in its construction. Additionally, the generous dimensions and unconstrained edges of the works suggest the endless landscapes of her coastal environs.


Artbay Gallery, Marine Parade, Queenstown