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The Caselberg Trust looks forward to artist applications for the Creative Connections Residency.

Creative Connections Residency is open to people residing in New Zealand, and is focused on projects that reach out and make links across a variety of creative media, professional disciplines, and/or communities relevant to the planned project."

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Applications for the 2017 residencies will open in September/October 2016 should be announced by December this year.

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The Fulbright programme offers a range of prestigious exchange awards for New Zealand and American graduate students, academics, artists and professionals to study, research, teach or present their work in each other’s countries. Other awards allow institutions to apply for a visiting Fulbright specialist to assist with their development needs.

More information and guidelines are available on the Fulbright New Zealand website 


Residency Programme
Residency opportunities are available at the Lodge from September to June each year. The purpose of the programme is to support artists seeking new inspiration for their work and to encourage access to artists regionally, nationally, and internationally. The programme is open to serious and professional artists from across the full spectrum of the arts. 

Art Workshop Series
Lochmara Lodge Arts Centre offers a series of residential workshops through Spring and Autumn. These provide an opportunity for professional development and fresh inspiration. To submit a proposal to teach a new workshop, please download the proposal form and email it to [email protected]

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The McCahon House Trust has built a new, award winning, purpose designed two bedroom accommodation and studio alongside the old McCahon House in French Bay, Titirangi from where an artist's residency is being run. 

The McCahon House residency aims to give artists an opportunity to develop their work through a supportive programme while living in the environment that impacted so profoundly on the work of Colin McCahon. 

The Trust makes one call per year for applicants for a residency.

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Earthskin is a Charitable trust whose mission is environmental stewardship to foster and inspire the creative arts. Earthskin offers the following supports towards building and regenerating communities, devoted to the re-enchantment of our world. Earthskin holds its intent encompassed within its name, with the overall vision of heart – with the care of the earth, art, skin and all kin.

  • Earthskin Creative Residency purpose is to support excellence in the creative arts, through offering monthly residencies to established artists wishing to focus and extend their practice.
  • Earthskin Environmental Residency Earthskin Environmental Residency purpose is to foster environmental stewardship, through offering monthly residencies to environmental innovators wishing to focus and extend their practice.
  • Earthskin Sustainable Community Scholarships Earthskin offers annual scholarships for education, that will build community wellbeing and earth care. These scholarships focus on Permaculture, Biodynamics, Biological Farming, Terraquaculture and Bio-remediation of our land and water.

Earthskin also proudly supports specific environmental initiatives including: The Sustainability Council of New Zealand, Innermost Community Gardens, Te Moata Retreat Center.

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The Community Engagement Programme (formerly the Media Programme and Artists and Writers Programme) plays a crucial part in informing and influencing the public's understanding towards the science and operations in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The aim is to support innovative Community Engagement proposals which align to Antarctica New Zealand's purpose; Inspiring people to connect with Antarctica, through knowledge and collaboration and vision: Valued. Protected. Understood.

This programme encourages media, artists, teachers and writers proposals of the highest quality. The number of opportunities for travel to Antarctica are limited and varies each year with strong competition. We are interested in applications with new and fresh ideas which aim to capture our target audiences. They want applicants to demonstrate their outreach ability and there will be rewards for those who can demonstrate a genuine interest in Antarctica and the environment.

They welcome applications from people/ organisations who share our values, who understand the importance of the science New Zealand supports in Antarctica and are passionate about communicating this message to New Zealand stakeholders and communities.

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Each year we select an artist to live and work in an Auckland regional park. We choose a different park every year to become home to the artist for an eight-week period, usually from mid October to mid December.

This opportunity is open to visual artists and composers, filmmakers, choreographers, and writers. The goal is for the artist to create a new body of work influenced in some way by the park, or by the residency experience. The work is then shared with the public through an event, exhibition, concert, performance or publication.

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