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WoolOn - Call for Entries

Dates: Tue, 31 January 2023 - Wed, 3 May 2023 @ Entries Open Now

  • WoolOn - Call for Entries

WoolOn is one of New Zealand’s iconic fashion events, encouraging both new and experienced designers to create visual, wearable pieces using New Zealand's most sustainable wool fibres. The wool fibre definition has been expanded to include alpaca, cashmere, angora goat and mohair along with the traditional sheep.

This year thinking about the current economic situation and the time and expense of creating these magnificent pieces WoolOn has decided any entry that has been shown in another competition prior to entering WoolOn is eligible for entry into the WoolOn Creative Fashion Awards provided it has not won the same category entered or overall.

There has also been an update to the Categories and Awards for the 2023 event.

This year we are welcoming entries from the following categories: 

Streetwear - A versatile daytime outfit with strong directional modern looks

Avant-Garde - A garment that delights in the unconventional and unexpected

Special Occasion - A glamorous outfit for formal occasions or special events

Collections - Three complete cohesive looks with a common design theme

Felted - Utilising techniques to highlight felts uniqueness and versatility

Toi Tu ki Uruuruwhenua - Draw inspiration from culture across Aotearoa

Hand-Crafted - Innovative use of hand-crafted techniques including knitted, crocheted, woven, needlepoint

Accessories - Design and hand-crafted shoes, jewellery, scarves, wraps/ capes or headwear

Knitwear - A garment created through, machine knit, hand machine knit or hand needle knit

Sustainable Wool - Use pre-loved wool to forge new ground that’s innovative and fashion-forward

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