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Eade Gallery - 'Silhouette', Rachael Hirabayashi and Lynne Wilson

Location: Eade Gallery
Region: Clyde
Dates: Sun, 1 January 2023 - Tue, 24 January 2023 @ Daily

  • Eade Gallery - 'Silhouette', Rachael Hirabayashi and Lynne Wilson

'Silhouette' is a collaboration between award-winning painter Rachel Hirabayashi and ceramic artist Lynne Wilson. 
“It was a good challenge to take up when Eade Gallery offered it to us,” says Lynne. “During our 16- year friendship there have been many opportunities for Rachel and I to exhibit together, either as members of an artist collective or as a duo, so we felt confident we could achieve it.” 
As the title suggests Silhouette investigates the restricted use of light within the Central Otago landscape. Rachel and Lynne needed a story to bind them together and fortunately a friend of theirs studied Rachel’s extensive ongoing works and found some pieces that were still being resolved and completed. They featured mainly silhouettes of trees and that sparked the idea for a show focusing on the negative shapes in our landscapes.
Their artistic styles are very different with Rachel constantly working in advance on her series of paintings because her process takes a long time, whereas Lynne's work and the firing of raku ceramics is more immediate. Lynne says their exhibition ideas are reinforced by daily walks they take together. 
“While walking our dogs in the pine forests of Cromwell we often discuss our similar responses to the landscape through our work, be it on canvas or in ceramics. We both visually think very similarly and this is a good opportunity to work together exploring the link between the light and shapes of the Central Otago landscapes that we see and enjoy around us.”

Lynne Wilson

I discovered the joy of working in clay and the Raku method of firing in 2002.  As a newcomer to Cromwell, I was seeking new mediums through which to express myself and joined the Cromwell Pottery Club.
With the formation of the Hullabaloo Art Space collective in 2006 came the shift from hobby to practising ceramicist. High gallery standards and exposure to my fellow members and their work, provided valuable inspiration and guidance. 
Leaving the collective in April 2019, along with seven Central Otago artists and friends, we formed a fluid alliance for the purpose of showing our work in self curated group exhibitions.
My work is strongly influenced by symbols and designs shared multi-culturally and, of course, the landscape, which cannot be ignored in my Central Otago home. As I’m also a landscape and garden designer, the use of form, colour and texture features strongly in both my fields of work.

Rachael Hirabayashi

Born in Auckland in 1965, a traveller by nature, Rachel has lived in Japan and Mexico, travelled through the America, Europe and Asia but comes home to her beloved dogs in her fabulous cottage and garden in Cromwell, Central Otago. Her formal education was done in Dunedin, gaining a degree in Art History/Theory from the University of Otago, and is supplemented by regular trips in “Fordita” her camper van. From the drivers seat Hirabayashi gathers a headful of images that inform her daily painting.
Rachel is a full-time artist painting in acrylics. The surfaces of her paintings are built up over time, of light glazes of colour alternating with opaque layers of paint.


Eade Gallery

17A Holloway Street, Clyde, New Zealand