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'Dealing With It', a debut exhibition from Ruby Urquhart.

Location: The Rippon Hall
Region: Wanaka
Dates: Fri, 1 June 2018 - Sat, 28 July 2018 @ 11am - 5pm daily

  • 'Dealing With It', a debut exhibition from Ruby Urquhart.

From 1st June until 28th July, The Rippon Hall is excited to bring you ‘Dealing With It,’ a debut exhibition from Ruby Urquhart which paradoxically explores the absence of creativity.

Ruby Urquhart grew up in Wanaka and is now a Wellington-based artist. While studying at the Learning Connexion in 2012 and 2013, she established herself as a portraitist and has since branched out into sculpture, particularly in the movie industry. In her future work, she hopes to focus on painting as a way of exploring drag identities and gender concepts.

Like many artists before her, Ruby’s creative work has suffered as a result of her mental health. Less of an artistic style and more of a coping mechanism, these works are a defense against the idea that if you don’t do something, you’ll lose yourself.

Rather than avoiding the world and spending hours questioning her self-worth, the works were a way of avoiding the world that is constructive instead of damaging. A record of a slow and methodical healing process. Through both the process of their creation and the context in which they were created, these meditative and repetitive drawings are tangible representations of the experience of time spent dealing with it.

Although the works are born out of challenging periods, as part of her healing process rather than a typical artistic practice, they have grown into something that gives an architectural impression of structure and stability.

Don’t miss this fascinating exhibition running 1st June – 28th July; 11 am – 5 pm daily at The Rippon Hall.


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