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10 Success Street, Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand

  • Square Cats 3 - Woodcut

I’m an artist made in France!

No diplomas, no art school, just me, a real self-taught artist.

As far as I can remember, I always loved drawing but being the oldest child of a winegrowing family, going to art school was considered a fantasy…  I had to get a “real” job first! …

That’s how I ended up studying wine-making. Looking back, it was a good thing as my job made me discover the most beautiful country in the world, New Zealand!!


But ART is a part of who I am and I had to get into it no matter what.

Because I have no art school background, I needed to explore different media to discover which one would suit me best. That’s when I discovered the world of printmaking and felt in leuuuve.

In 2011, I found enough courage to push Hullabaloo Art Space’s doors and show my work. They liked it, they adopted me!

Nowadays, I joggle between the winery, the print workshop, the gallery and my wee boy. Crazy life…A dream come true!!!

What I really love about printmaking is the fascinating balance between the control of the tools and the freedom of creativity and gesture.

Since I enjoy creating black and white pictures, relief printmaking is the perfect technique to reveal strong contrasts.

Thinking the picture in reverse is enjoyable too. And carving my letters from right to left makes me feel like I'm passing through the looking- glass!

When I start a new linocut or a new woodblock, cutting into the rough material, what I really start is a fight: on one side, there is the picture in my head; on the other side [stubborn] tools, [stubborn] block and their rules.

Sometimes I get my way, sometimes I have to let it go!

Then, finally, come the music of the ink under the roller and the wedding of the picture with the white paper.

What an excitement, what a reward to discover, at last, the print!

Never what I thought it would be, always a wonderful surprise!

Deeper into this fascinating world of Magic and Mystery, I’m making my way, exploring new tools, new techniques (dry point, etching) … And always I follow my love, Printmaking.

I live in Alexandra. I’m a member of Hullabaloo Art Space in Cromwell.

My partner (Antony WORCH) and I make wine for Alexandra Vintners Ltd in Alexandra.