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Liz Kempthorne


  • Model Sleeping - Oil (100cm x 100cm)
  • Still Life - Oils (120cm x 120cm)
  • Tree - Oils (90cm x 90cm)
  • Landscape 2009 - Acrylics on Paper (90cm x 70cm)
  • Meeting Points 1 - Acrylics (120cm x 90cm)
  • Meeting Points 2 - Acrylics
  • Meeting Points 4 - Acrylics (40cm x 40cm)
  • Wildflowers - Acrylics (90cm x 70cm)
  • Still Life - Oils (70cm x 90cm)
  • Meeting Points  - Acrylics (40cm x 40cm)

Liz Kempthorne is a contemporary artist who now lives in Picton but still maintains strong connnections with Central Otago. She paints the familiar environment but with a personal vision. Liz has a vast knowledge of drawing, painting and art history and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She takes small classes in her studio.
Her paintings are abstracted from the immediate landscape and may have connections with art history, or with contemporary events and people. However, they are also about the process of painting, the challenge in applying and manipulating paint and the exciting dynamics that are set up within a work. She works in acrylics, oils, gouache and mixed media.
Relevant qualifications: MFA Painting, BA Art History, Dip Tchg