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Brent Hollow

13 Harris Place, RD3 Luggate, Cromwell

  • Summer holiday
  • Aspiring hut & Liverpool
  • Wanaka Rodeo
  • Crown Range Panorama

I picked up my first camera seriously when I was about 12. I borrowed my parents Agfa rangefinder and just decided to start taking photos by some unknown compulsion. This was followed up by reading everything I could find about cameras – I read every book in the Dunedin Public Library then started on friends collections of Photographic magazines. By 15 I was taking pictures of the school events and was getting some work published in the ODT. I was offered a job by the editor at 16 as a apprentice photojournalist but my parents wanted me to continue with my education. 30 years, 2 Degrees and a post graduate diploma in science related subjects later, and I’m back to the camera. Maybe I should have taken the job after all!  I paid my way though university by shooting weddings and portraits, and teaching photography at the Otago University Clubs and Societies. I’ve continued shooting weddings when requested since then but never as a full time occupation. Over the years I’ve won a few national competitions and placed in others but my most recent success was at the Central Otago Gold competitions where I won a $1000 prize – it instantly was converted into another camera...strangely enough.

My style is eclectic and I would hate to ever be tied to one genre, but if I had to it would probably be landscape. I spend most of my spare time in the hills (Brent means “Steep Hill” in Celtic apparently so this was inevitable) hunting, tramping or photographing our diverse and unique landforms. Next in line would be portraits, especially environments ones of outdoors types. When working, I will “see” the finished work often as a flash in my head, then have to work backward to the actual taking of the image.

I’m available for commissions or portrait work and I have a huge library of images tucked away if you need something within a short time frame. I also enjoy teaching intermediate photography courses and can run photographic tag along trips if requested.

Enjoy the work!