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Joanne Deaker

Gallery: Joanne Deaker Studio Gallery, 29 Coleraine Street, Cromwell 9310

  • Joanne with "Trendsetters"
  • ''Girls Just Want to Have Fun' - A3 Pigment Ink Print
  • 'River to the Sky' - 200x400mm mixed media on plexiglass and board
  • 'The Secret to Happiness' - A4 Pigment Ink Print
  • 'Born to Stand Out No.1' - 300x300mm mixed media on plexiglass and board
  • 'St Bathans No.2' - 300x300mm mixed media on plexiglass and board
  • 'Towards the Rees'' - 20x30" Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting
  • 'Where's Woolly' - 28x36" Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting
  • 'Seven' - 18x36" original acrylic on canvas
  • 'Memories' - 300x300mm mixed media on plexiglass and board

I was a scientist and a veterinarian before I chose to be a professional artist and I have never looked back. Currently I'm represented by 5 galleries nationwide, I have won awards, been selected for numerous exhibitions and my pieces can be found in private and corporate collections around the world.

I love to work intuitively; to imagine and create visual statements in response to experiences that leave an impression on me. "I believe in the power images have to uplift. They help us remember the good within us and within our world inspite of how the world might sometimes appear. They help us remember our humanity. I create my artwork to do just that...” When others connect with this and decide to bring my artwork into their homes and offices, I am filled with gratitude.

As a working artist, I need to allocate time in solitude to create my work so visits are best made by appointment and during business hours. Please email, phone or text  027 248 6116  Having said that, if you're just passing through Cromwell and are really keen to see my work and don't mind what is likely to be a messy studio, house and possibly me, you can take your chances and just arrive and I will do my best to accommodate you as I always have at least a full set of cards, A4 and A3 pigment ink prints (including some framed ones) and a few original pieces about...and I'd rather you didn't miss out!!!