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Alexandra Community Arts Council

Organisation / Group: Alexandra Community Arts Council, C/- 28 Glencarron Street (0.50 mi), Alexandra, New Zealand 9320

  • Esther Dexter at Art in the Garden
  • Bruce McDonald singing and playing at Art in the Garden
  • Jon Thom paintings at Art in the Garden

The Alexandra Community Arts Council is a group of, usually ten to twelve, enthusiastic volunteers who support the arts within the community.

Our objectives are:

a) To recognise the arts as being all forms of creative and interpretive expression.

b) Encourage and support participation of those art forms in the community via performances, learning opportunities and events.

c) To support those groups and individuals involved with the arts.

d) To introduce new and innovative experiences to the community.

Monthly meetings are held to deal with all matters relevant to our objectives. One of our most important tasks is to administer Central Lakes Art Support Scheme funding; awarding it to groups who need financial assistance in staging performances, exhibitions, workshops and any events related to the arts.

We also have own funds generated by events like the biennial Art in the Garden and the New Zealand Ballet, who visit Alexandra every other year. This money is used to help individuals in their artistic field as well as allowing the council to contribute significantly to local community art works.

We organise and host a variety of performances, many of which are selected from the New Zealand Arts on Tour annual programme. This allows the council to choose from a wide range of shows from classical music to comedy acts and provides an interesting selection of experiences for the community.

New members to the council are always welcome.