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Dorothy Piper

3748 Fruitlands Roxburgh Road, RD1, Roxburgh, Central Otago 9571

  • Dorothy Piper - Photo (175x174)
  • Cornus Capitata - Watercolour (1575x1145)
  • Paeonies and Honey bees - Watercolour (2369x1770)
  • Apples and Ladybirds - Watercolour (2364x1773)
  • Apple blossom and Bumblebee - Watercolour (2353x1682)
  • Reflected paeonies - Watercolour (1740x2409)
  • Quail in Oak Leaves - Watercolour (2421x1731)
  • Reflections of Autumn - Watercolour (1665x1201)
  • Alexandra Airport Biking Trail - Watercolour (2388x1756)
  • Church of Carpiquet, Normandy - Watercolour (1772x2366)

A love of art and painting began in my teens and has continued to this day. Following years of working in a variety of careers I am now able to fulfill my long held desire to paint full time. 

The medium I prefer is watercolour.

My paintings can appear traditional both in subject and painting style. However I try to see the inspiration for the painting objectively and reflectively so that each art work is a marriage between reality and imagination. The paintings take a long time, and I am very self critical, but it is not so much the finished work but the act of painting itself that is the soul of my creative endeavour.

Water colour is exciting. The paint can be controlled but can also flow into intriguing patterns which allows the imagination to explore interesting options within the painting. Painting for me is an outlet for expressing a feeling or idea in such a  way that it elicits an emotion in the viewer.

Inspiration can come from the colour, shape or detail of a subject, or a memory or idea may be triggered. I also enjoy the challenge of capturing my thoughts on environmental issues and historical events that have shaped the world we live in.

The austere paradise that is Central Otago with its distinctively changing seasons is my perfect place. Its stark beauty provides me with the peace, calm, clarity, inspiration and a never diminishing desire to put brush to paper.

You can visit my Studio 3748 by prior arrangement.