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Jane Whitaker

Gallery: Naseby Art Studio, 885 Ranfurly Back Road (Naseby end), Naseby

  • The Manuherikia Valley looking north towards the Hawkdun Range  95 x 75cm framed - Oil on water colour paper 640G (95 x 75cm framed)
  • Along the Ida Valley approaching the Ida Range - Oil on canvas paper (90 x 76cm framed)
  • The Sowburn below Dyke’s Dam - Maniototo - Pastel (97 x 68cm framed)
  • Tussock - Hawkdun Range Water colour and pastel 65 x 46cm framed - Water colour and pastel (65 x 46cm framed)
  • Northerlies pouring cloud over the Kakanuis 95cm x 75cm framed - Pastel (95cm x 75cm framed)
  • Karitane Mud Flats - Pastel on paper (60 x 45)
  • Homer Tunnel - Fiordland - Water colour on paper (88 x 68)
  • Road to Naseby - late afternoon - Water colour and pastel (90 x 78cm)
  • Aramoana Salt Marsh - looking towards Port Chalmers - Pastel (75 x 56cm framed)
  • Sunset and smoke haze 2- Kakanui Range 120cm x 80 cm - Oil on board (120cm x 80 cm)

My work is predominantly impressionistic and focuses mainly on landscapes, though I have recently enjoyed painting a number of portraits in a variety of media.  My enduring fascination is with fleeting moments in time – such as a racing shadow or patch of sunlight over a mountain range. My style is characterised by the use of vibrant colours, which give my pieces a sense of movement and energy. I strive to capture the essence of a landscape rather than the exact likeness, creating evocative and emotive images that leave a lasting impression on the viewer.  

I work mainly in oils, water colour and pastel - but also use any other medium that I feel helps to capture the land or its people.

I welcome visitors to my studio, where they can view my work and learn more about the artistic process. The studio is signposted from the main Ranfurly/Naseby Road, the first letterbox on the Ranfurly Back Road.  I am open whenever I am home, but it's a good idea to phone me first