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Sean Boyd

30 Newcastle St, Clyde

  • Steaming Moonshine - Inspired by illegal moonshine home built distilleries of the USA prohibition era.(SOLD).
  • Telus T150 'Sparrow' Jetpack - Steampunk styled jetpack inspired by Rocket Man and Victorian futuristic sci-fi movies. (SOLD).
  • Nuclear Reactor Lamp - Inspired by a James Bond styled nuclear device that would have been planted on a train or ship. (SOLD)
  • Alien Ray Gun - Inspired by the original Star Trek era of small handheld phasers. (SOLD).
  • Pupae Pulseta - This is a close up sot of the rear of the Pupae Pulseta showing the tap handle inside the glass vase.
  • Lightspeed - This hotrod style lamp was created to look gasoline powered. (SOLD)
  • Maximus Regalius - This Steampunk styled ray gun was inspired by classic movies about Rome and Italy such as Gladiator. (SOLD).
  • Fisholator 500 - Inspired by Navy Seal type gear from sci-fi films like James Bond and Atlantis. (SOLD).
  • Gasolampicus - This piece creates the illusion it is gas powered. (SOLD).
  • Zeppelina Power Module - Inspired by a Steampunk style of steam powered electricity with huge power output. (SOLD).

Science Fiction Junk Artist creating one of a kind sculptures from Steampunk to futurism, wacky to weird and beyond.

Artist Bio:

I live in Central Otago, New Zealand and create predominantly science fiction sculptures from discarded junk I collect from rubbish dumps, recycling centers and landfill. I gather and recycle screws, nuts, bolts, light fittings, sewing machines, plumbing parts and much more. My passions are ray guns, lamps, jetpacks, rockets and life size robots.

I think I am naturally able to tune into my nine-year-old inner self to be able to create these items. I have no rules, no strict genre or boundaries. Everything I create, I create for me, so that I am excited by it, then I offer them for sale. I create these pieces because i love to do it and get immense satisfaction from finding parts, imagining outcomes, working out how they can fit together and sitting back to enjoy the results. 

Please visit my website - to see more of my work or to enquire about commissioning a piece for home or business. I create unique "ice Breaker" pieces for business, these have included a tattoo studio who commissioned a giant tattoo gun, a giant dentists drill for a dental surgery and full sized robots for entrance ways and reception areas.

Everything is unique.

Please contact me to chat any time.