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Debbie Paton

264 Strode Road, Earnscleugh

You know, there is something about being able to carve things from a plain old block of stone that really is quite amazing. One of the purest of joys for me is to see the end result – to think that something of such beauty can have come from just using a few tools, hammer, chisel, a hand saw, sandpaper – and that it is something that I have created makes all the more rewarding ..

Oamaru stone has a beautiful soothing calmness that people are drawn to – so tactile they can’t help but touch it. When I sculpt I think of nothing else, it is a selfish, all consuming pastime and I think it is probably a good thing that I work for a living - otherwise I would be at it all the time and no good to anyone at all, it is very physical and totally draining.

My paintings are similar to my sculpture – there is something quite beautiful about the lines and curves of the human form painted in shades of black & white, shadow and light - so stark and yet so captivating. My paintings are built up in layers - opposite to sculpture where you take the layers away - but in a way they are very sculptural. It is a pleasure to be able to do both forms of art.

Weekends only during the summer months.
Please call before making the trip out to make sure I am home.