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Clyde Theatre Group

Organisation / Group: Clyde Theatre Group, PO Box 340, Alexandra

  • William Tell rehearsal

Theatre in Clyde has been active since the early 1870's and now known as the Clyde Theatre Group, continues to entertain audiences today. This small team of enthusiasts presents top-class productions in the Clyde Memorial Hall twice a year.

If you are interested in joining this band of fun loving people please feel free to email us. Being a part of a production is an incredibly enjoyable experience and well worth trying. You will learn many skills and have many experiences, from singing solo, chorus-singing, on-stage performance, creating and wearing costumes, to rehearsal, opening night, and repeat performances. Don't worry if acting isn't for you just consider the many backstage roles it takes to put on a production and you might be surprised at what you can bring to the group.