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Camille Alabaster

Gallery: Camille Alabaster, 30 Killarney Street, Alexandra

  • Camille

Many paths have been travelled on my creative journey from the Far North to the Deep South, including ceramics, painting, drawing, bone and limestone carving, photography and more.

My first clay experiences in 1981 were in a community pottery group at Red Hill, near Dargaville, in an old shed with neither running water, nor electricity. These rustic conditions provided a firm basis for later formal tuition. Firing and glazes were simple then - now my pottery includes functional and ceramic art with an exciting variety of glazes and underglazes. I focus on the challenge of one or two styles before moving on.

I make decorative art tiles - ideal small gifts – with both local and other themes. My bowls, plates and platters, from tiny to large, display many glaze and art effects. My sculptures portray current themes.

I am also open to ideas which I interpret for your pre-purchase approval.

Paintings and photo-canvases are usually entered into exhibitions, with some in the studio also.

However, most of my current works are displayed in my studio, where I work for a few hours most days. If my sign is out, please pop in, otherwise ring first.