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Hullabaloo Art Space - Rachel Hirabayashi

Location: Hullabaloo Art Space
Region: Cromwell
Dates: Sun, 27 August 2017 - Sun, 17 September 2017 @ 10am - 4pm daily.

  • Hullabaloo Art Space - Rachel Hirabayashi

Hullabaloo Art Space

Inundation - an exhibition of recent works by Rachel Hirabayashi.

A friend found this great observation from  and because it describes the Cromwell condition that Rachel considered at the start of the Inundation series, she has decided to share it...

"The lure of gold brought Cromwell its share of scoundrels - but it also brought men and women of courage and enterprise. It was this group who stayed on as the claims petered out, to develop the orchards, the farms and the business ventures that held the town together. It was a dry and hungry corner of New Zealand and the laboriously dug water races that had served the miners took on a new meaning as they were diverted to the needs of horticulture. But in the 1950's the engineers began to think of another use for water in the Clutha Valley. This time energy was to be the king. As a result of hydro development, the old retail and commercial area of Cromwell was inundated by Lake Dunstan.'


Hullabaloo Art Space

15 Melmore Terrace , Old Cromwell Historic Precinct