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Dunedin Arts Festival 2021

Location: Dunedin
Dates: Tue, 6 April 2021 - Sun, 25 April 2021 @ Daily.

  • Dunedin Arts Festival 2021

Established in 1999 as the Otago Festival Of The Arts Trust, The newly renamed Dunedin Arts Festival is the region’s premier festival of high quality performing and visual arts. Running from the 6th April to the 25th April 2021 the Festival has a rich, diverse programme that will satisfy the artistic cravings of almost anyone. Jam-packed with theatre, music, dance, comedy and much, much more the 2021 Festival is just the tonic Dunedin needs to celebrate itself after what’s been a trialling year.  

There are two simple 'catch phrases' which encapsulate what the Festival is all about - "celebrating the excellent and the extraordinary" and "something for everyone”, and we hope that we are achieving both these with the programme we have put together for you.

For a full programme click HERE