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Gallery 33 - Muckle, by Janna van Hasselt

Location: Gilchrist's General Store
Region: Wanaka
Dates: Fri, 8 October 2021 - Fri, 29 October 2021 @ Daily

  • Gallery 33 - Muckle, by Janna van Hasselt

Gallery Thirty Three is pleased to present a new exhibition from artist Janna van Hasselt ‘Muckle’. ‘Muckle’ explores the messiness and fragility of the incredible relationships present within a family unit. Sprawling ceramic works of every hue are made up of precariously stacked pieces; their final form determined by the uncontrolled slumping and slipping during the firing process. The sculptures portray the frenzied energy, general detritus-making and bartering that are part of everyday family life. The draping, oozing and toppling forms are set against a glowing fluorescent backdrop creating an abundant hum of colour and texture. 


Gilchrist's General Store

3353 Ida Valley, Omakau Road., Oturehua