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Sally Jory

Millers Flat Central Otago

  • Angela - Coloured pencils on paper (30x40)
  • The Hunt - Drawing, painting and sewing on calico (60 x 40)
  • Catching up on a little bit of gossip - Watercolour and pen (36 x 26)
  • Woman washing her hair - Charcoal (29 x 35)
  • Millers Flat Bridge Scene - Acrylic on roller door. Shop at Millers Flat Holiday Park.
  • Courtney and A.J. - Coloured Pencil (75 x 52)
  • Dylan with Patrick the Cat - Pencil and Mixed Media (37 x 51)
  • Funky Cherry Sign - Acrylic paint on hard board. One sign in a series of fruit signs for Peirce Orchard "The Pumpkin Place" Millers Flat (150 x 150 cm)
  • Dreaming of birds - Ballpoint pen on paper (30x45)
  • Mural at Millers Flat Holiday Park. Work in progress - Acrylic on rough caste.

I have always loved drawing and have enjoyed it ever since I was a child. Portraiture is one of my main areas of interest. I particularly enjoy dry media, but also work in watercolour, acrylic, collage and mixed media. I work in a realistic style. Lately I have begun using sewing in my work and using materials that describe.

In 2013 I completed my studies with "The Learning Connexion" Advanced Diploma. A highlight of the course was when I was able to show my work with other illustration students at the Saint James Theatre, Wellington. 

In the past I have taught art to children in schools and have completed a number of murals with their assistance. The Millers Flat School has paintings down one entire side of the building depicting local scenes. The School Community Library also has a large mural on the front of its exterior. As well as this, I have been involved in many Community arts projects over the years.

From 2013-15 I tutored adults in a theraputic environment which was very rewarding .

In recent times  I have been commissioned to paint funky signs for Darryl Peirce "The Pumpkin Place".

Towards the end of 2017 I began painting at the Millers Flat Holiday Park. There is a bridge scene on the roller door of the shop and I began a large mural on the side of the garage. John and Marise May wanted something bright and quirky which would add interest and hopefully draw in the public. This is a work in progress, but I hope to get this finished in the near future.