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Sally Jory

1 Ormaglade Place, Millers Flat

  • Shirley - Pencil and Collage (50 x 41)
  • The Hunt - Drawing, painting and sewing on calico (60 x 40)
  • Catching up on a little bit of gossip - Watercolour and pen (36 x 26)
  • The Rabbiteers - Acrylic and Mixed Media (45 x 60)
  • Woman washing her hair - Charcoal (29 x 35)
  • Winter - Acrylic (60 x 50)
  • Spring - Acrylic (50 x 60)
  • Courtney and A.J. - Coloured Pencil (75 x 52)
  • Dylan with Patrick the Cat - Pencil and Mixed Media (37 x 51)
  • Pig Hunters - Charcoal/conte (61 x 40 cm)

I have always loved drawing and only began painting in the last few years. Portraiture is one of my main areas of interest. I particularly enjoy dry media, but also work in watercolour, acrylic, collage and mixed media. I work in a realistic style. Lately I have begun using sewing in my work and using materials that describe.

In 2013 I completed my studies with "The Learning Connexion" Advanced Diploma. A highlight of the course was when I was able to show my work with other illustration students at the Saint James Theatre, Wellington. It was great being involved in a professional show in the city and being able to interact with the public. Also great to meet my mentor, who I had not met in person. During my stay I visited "The Learning Connexion" on site in the Hutt Valley and was able to observe the classes and meet students and staff.

In the past I have taught art to children in schools and have completed a number of murals with their assistance. Have also been involved with community arts projects.

My inspiration comes from what ever is happening in my own life. Art is life and life is art.